> South Australia’s first satellite Kanyini booked to blast off in 2023

South Australia’s first satellite Kanyini booked to blast off in 2023

Home-grown satellite to blast off on a SpaceX Transporter mission to start ambitious mission to help take care of people and planet.

October 25, 2022 by Andreia

Adelaide, Australia – Myriota, the world leader in secure, low-power satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) announced an agreement with ISILAUNCH to send Kanyini into orbit to start its ambitious mission to help take care of people and planet. Under the Launch Services Agreement, Myriota has booked a spot for South Australia’s home-grown satellite to blast off on a SpaceX Transporter mission in 2023.

The word Kanyini is a Pitjantjatjara term describing the “principle of responsibility and unconditional love for all of creation”. In the spirit of its namesake, satellite Kanyini will help take care of Australians and the environment by improving bushfire preparedness, response and resilience and monitoring inland and coastal water qualities. The spacecraft is being designed and built in a collaboration between local leaders of the space industry: Myriota, Inovor Technologies, the SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre and the South Australian Government.

Dr David Haley, co-founder and CTO of Myriota said, “This is an exciting next step for this ground-breaking South Australian space services mission which is set to benefit the State when
it launches next year. The IoT payload will add to the Myriota Network, communicating with devices and sensors on the Earth’s surface, working together with hyperspectral imaging
collected from the earth observation payload to enable a wide array of applications. Kanyini will provide access to critical data anywhere and everywhere it’s needed to help improve and monitor water quality, crop health and bushfire resilience.”

SmartSat has already factored the data collected by Kanyini and the HyperScout 2 into a number of projects which will drive further research and build experience in operating Earth observation payloads in space. The OzFuel mission will use pioneering sovereign technology onboard Kanyini to gather real-time data to monitor potentially hazardous conditions specific to Australia’s eucalypt-dominant bushland, improving our bushfire preparedness, response and resilience. Other real-world applications of the data collected by Kanyini include satellite image-based smoke detection for bushfire mitigation and monitoring inland and coastal water qualities.

South Australian Deputy Premier and Minister for Defence and Space Industries Susan Close says that, “South Australia is leading the charge in accelerating innovation and growth in the space sector and this mission presents an important opportunity for local industry to play a key role in furthering our national endeavours to build sovereign EO capability, provide secure access to data from space and expand our satellite design and manufacturing expertise.”

“Soon we will be the first State Government to send a locally manufactured small satellite to low Earth orbit and we’re excited to be partnering with ISILAUNCH to secure a launch date for Kanyini on SpaceX in 2023.”

ISILAUNCH director Abe Bonnema stated: “We’re grateful to have been selected by Myriota to get Kanyini in orbit to start its ambitious mission through our reliable, integrated launch services. Building on our knowledge, expertise and our track record of more than 570 satellites successfully sent into orbit, we are keen to provide Myriota with the launch services that best fits their mission needs. Our team, which includes local representation in Australia for smooth and fast interaction with the customer, is looking forward to completing all the necessary launch activities to get Kanyini to space.”

This week, Myriota and ISILAUNCH, along with Inovor Technologies, SmartSat and the South Australian Government are present at the bi-annual Australian Space Forum event held in
Adelaide, bringing together the best and brightest from Australia’s space industry and around the world.

About Myriota
Myriota was founded in 2015 to revolutionise IoT through simple, secure and affordable access to data anywhere using advanced, direct-to-satellite technology. Myriota IP covers all aspects of the end to end solution; edge, satellite and cloud. Enabled by anywhere connectivity, a vibrant ecosystem of Myriota Partners including Solution Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers are unlocking previously impossible or impractical use cases to deliver tangibly better outcomes across agriculture, Defence, logistics, environmental monitoring sectors and more.

From safeguarding scarce water resources and optimising crop yields to maximising operational efficiency, global organisations now have access to critical data, anywhere and everywhere it’s needed. For more information please visit: www.myriota.com

ISILAUNCH was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of ISISPACE as the first commercial small satellite launch broker, with the vision to make launching small satellites a common service option. Since then, ISILAUNCH has been carrying out many successful launch campaigns for small satellites successfully sending over 570 satellites into orbit, making ISILAUNCH one of the leading players in the small satellite launch business.

ISILAUNCH offers regular launch opportunities for small spacecraft, to low earth orbit or beyond on a variety of different launch vehicles. It is ISILAUNCH’s mission to make launching a satellite as smooth and ‘easy’ as possible for its customers, with a complete service package taking care of all the aspects involved in getting its customer’s satellite in space, from flight acceptance to logistics support and launch vehicle interface equipment and integration.

For more information please visit: https://www.isilaunch.com

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