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> Optimize your launch

Integration and aggregation services

In today’s dynamic launch market, ISILAUNCH understands what launching customers are looking for. We also know how difficult it can be to manage a launch from the perspective of the launch provider. As such, ISILAUNCH is positioned as a valuable partner to launch providers as well. We can help in increasing your launch vehicles’ utility, and by clustering payloads together we can make manifesting commercial payloads more manageable and cost effective. Through integration and payload aggregation activities we optimize the use of excess capacity, resulting in benefit for all stakeholders.

aggregation services

Launch hardware

Through years of heritage and continuous adaptation to current market demand, ISILAUNCH – together with ISISPACE – commands the most mature, reliable and cost-effective family of launch interface hardware. Equipped with a wide range of CubeSat deployment systems that can accommodate all CubeSat types currently in use, no manifest configuration is out of reach. Also, our flexible payload sequencing and interfacing avionics can accommodate any satellite payload cluster efficiently, resulting in less need for interfacing work to be done on the launch vehicles command and telemetry system, and reduces NRE for the launch provider. Interested to hear what we can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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