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rideshare options
FULLY SERVICED, EASY AND AFFORDABLE Our mission is to make the launch of your small satellite as simple and easy as possible, for you. We can offer you a complete package deal, taking care of all the aspects of the launch, or we can offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs. Regular rideshare...
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Your global coverage If you are developing a business and you need a number of satellites in specific orbits at a specific time, we are here to help! ISL understands the intricacies of having to deliver large numbers of satellites in a constellation configuration. We will help you with building the best launch strategy, and...
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Your own rocket For rapid constellation development, the best solution is often one involving a dedicated launch, or series of dedicated launches mixed with secondary launches. This can be through the use of the newer small launch vehicles in the world right now, or through becoming a main (or semi-prime) payload on a conventional launch...
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lunar launches
LUNAR LAUNCHES Need a lunar launch? Lunar transfer launches are not common. However, by joining forces with us, and combining a launch with other passengers we enable your mission. ISISPACE is proud to currently have hardware orbiting the moon! GTO/GEO LAUNCHES ISL is well positioned to support you in finding a launch toward less common...
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ISISPACE QuadPack cubesat deployers
FLIGHT PROVEN SYSTEMS For our CubeSat launches we can make use of a family of deployers available in sizes from 1U up to 16U, including XL variants, as well as customized solutions for non-CubeSat customers. Our CubeSat deployer line has flight heritage on many different vehicles including PSLV, Dnepr, Antares, Soyuz, Vega, LM-11, LM-2D, and...
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launch sequencers
Dealing with launch complexity In most cases, launch vehicles cannot easily deal with multiple satellite deployments by themselves. This is why we use deployment sequencers, to make the launch of multiple payloads easier and affordable. The ISISPACE Modular Deployment Controller (iMDC) has been designed to provide a single point interface between the launch vehicle control...
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Integration services
Your vision, our mission We always strive to best understand your needs and tailor our role and services to those needs. We understand that for various reasons you may prefer to procure a launch or launch capacity directly for your business or project. ISILAUNCH can support your launch by providing integration services, where we use...
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Testing support
Small satellite Environmental testing Every satellite needs to be subjected to an environmental test campaign before launch. Since no two launch vehicles are the same and the chosen test philosophy can have major implications for the satellite developer, ISILAUNCH consults customers on this topic as part of our standard launch service. In case you are...
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“It is our mission to launch yours”

ISILAUNCH was created in 2007 as a subsidiary of ISISPACE, with one clear goal – to make the launch of your small satellite as simple and easy as possible for you, such that you can focus on finalizing your satellite. We know from experience how challenging it can be to find the best launch for your mission, especially while you’re already dealing with the challenge to finish your satellite. Throughout the years, we have developed standard hardware interfaces and standard processes and built up a network of strategic partners and suppliers to optimize our launch services.


Find your launch

Looking for a rideshare opportunity, a dedicated launch or a less common orbit? ISILAUNCH is well-positioned to support you in finding a launch.

Optimize your launch

Do you want to optimize the utility of your launch or launch vehicle? Do you have excess capacity you want to put in the market? We are here to help!


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