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For our CubeSat launches we can make use of a family of deployers available in sizes from 1U up to 16U, including XL variants, as well as customized solutions for non-CubeSat customers. Our CubeSat deployer line has flight heritage on many different vehicles including PSLV, Dnepr, Antares, Soyuz, Vega, LM-11, LM-2D, and Falcon 9. In addition to our deployers, we have experience working with third party deployers as well.


1U to 3U CubeSat Deployer

ISIPOD cubesat deployer

Flight heritage since 2013

Deployer mass: 1.5 – 2kg
Payload mass: 2 – 6kg
Vehicles: PSLV, Antares, Soyuz, Dnepr, LM-2D, Atlas V, Vega


1U to 6U CubeSat Deployer


Flight heritage since 2015

Deployer mass: 4 – 4.5kg
Payload mass: 12kg
Vehicles: PSLV, LM-2D, Vega


1U to 16U CubeSat Deployer

QuadPack-XL cubesat deployer

Flight heritage since 2014

Deployer mass: 6 – 9kg
Payload mass: 24kg
Vehicles: PSLV, Dnepr, Soyuz, Falcon-9, Vega

Microsatellite SEPARATION SYSTEM (M3S)

The benefit of standardization you get with CubeSats is usually not there when you move to satellites of your own design. As a result, finding the right launch adapter can be problematic and expensive. With ISISPACE as our partner, we offer to configure our M3S system to your satellite, so that you do not have to worry about it! Fully flexible, no shock and compatible with all launch vehicles, M3S is the solution for all microsat launch adapter needs. M3S can be part of our integration services, or as stand-alone product.


Microsatellite Separation System

microsatellite separation system m3s
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Shock-free release
  • Based on heritage
  • Compatible with all launch vehicles
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