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Dealing with launch complexity

In most cases, launch vehicles cannot easily deal with multiple satellite deployments by themselves. This is why we use deployment sequencers, to make the launch of multiple payloads easier and affordable. The ISISPACE Modular Deployment Controller (iMDC) has been designed to provide a single point interface between the launch vehicle control and telemetry systems and multiple ISISPACE CubeSat deployers during an orbital mission. Following the reception of the valid launch vehicle control system command, the iMDC takes full control and responsibility for multiple Cubesat releases. Up to date, 14 iMDC units have been flown in 8 orbital missions on 4 launch vehicles: Dnepr, PSLV, Soyuz; Vega is scheduled for next year.


Modular Deployment Controller

IMDC launch sequencer

Spacecraft deployed: 282

Units flown: 15

Launch vehicles: Dnepr, PSLV, Soyuz, Vega


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